AI-Led Vs. Rule-Based Benchmark

Kahoona’s High PoP Model Outperforms With a 3.2x Conversion Scale Boost

Remarketing redefined

Kahoona’s High Probability of Purchase (High PoP) AI model has set a new standard, distinguishing itself as a difference maker not merely by theoretical advantages but by concrete, quantifiable outcomes.

When placed against traditional rule-based remarketing methods, Kahoona's High PoP model demonstrates empirical and unquestioned superiority both in Conversion Rates and Scale (see table below). These metrics serve as the basis for a data-driven comparison, laying out the effectiveness of each approach.

Performance Metrics Breakdown

We compared results of multiple segmentation rules and our High PoP (probability of purchase) model in predicting whether the user is going to buy in the next 7 days, after a website visit.

Cart abandonment based remarketing
Cart Page Visit Based Remarketing
Kahoona’s AI covers up to
3.2x of the purchases vs. Rule Based, With similar CVR
Opportunity for optimized scaling and increased revenue

The Results Explained

While Kahoona's High PoP model achieved a better CVR  compared to traditional rule-based remarketing, the scale achieved stands at an impressive 89%. This far surpasses the 28% for Cart Abandonment Based and 39% for Cart Page Visit Based Remarketing strategies.

Unprecedented conversion and Scale

The numbers tell a story that is as clear as day: Kahoona’s AI-driven approach not only refines CVR compared to conventional methods but also achieves a scale of 89%, which indicates a vast majority of actual buyers were successfully targeted by the model.
This unparalleled precision and scale culminate in Kahoona's
AI model covering 3.2x the purchases when matched against
rule-based alternatives. 


More revenue from the same marketing spend.

Nearly 3.5x the ROI

with the same budgets.

Kahoona’s AI audiences help you fine-tune your strategies to meet your objectives:

Optimized revenue


Optimized profit

The evidence presented by these metrics redefines remarketing assumptions. With such profound results, re-allocating budgets into remarketing makes sense once again. Consider testing new approaches, which are now available and proven, based on the latest advancements in AI.

Kahoona‘s AI doesn’t just predict behaviour;

it understands and anticipates customer actions.

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