Unlock Your
First-Party Data

Accelerate growth with our disruptive AI-powered audience enrichment solution, created to pioneer an anonymous digital ecosystem at scale.

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Activate Your Audience in Real Time

Deep behavioral data has been overlooked for far too long. Kahoona is a disruptive first-party data activation platform for the open-web that brings to life audience data without compromising user privacy or performance. Waiting for the deprecation of third-party cookies is not ideal, analyzing user interactions to accurately segment your audience and offer real-time personalization on the other hand, is triumphant.

Leverage Your
First-Party Data 

Kahoona presents a transformative and scalable opportunity for e-commerce businesses, content publishers, and brands to leverage their already existing wealth of 1st Party Data.


Privacy By Design

Increase user monetization and optimize ROI while safeguarding yourself from financial risks. Kahoona ensures a privacy-first audience platform dedicated to enable the full realization of your user data without exposing it.

Privacy by Design

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  • Predict your audience in the shortest user journey

  • Integrate seamlessly with zero drawbacks

  • Benefit from deep behavioral ranking systems

  • Enrich your first-party data


  • Optimize engagement with users early in the user journey

  • Fuel your revenue with real-time user intent signals

  • Tailor your needs with a customizable solution

  • Personalize user experience to drive LTV



  • Reduce your tCPM

  • Achieve unrivaled demographics based

  • Increase brand awareness without
    compromising your KPIs in identity-less environments

  • Protect your audience's privacy and earn their trust