A New Era of Privacy

Kahoona was established to create a blazing fast and deep user understanding, with maximum user-coverage, especially in a privacy-preserving digital world, allowing an end-to-end funnel optimization

Our solution sets the foundation for a sustainable ecosystem centered around actively preserving user privacy, while maximizing revenue generation from commercial and ethical perspectives.

Our partners, investors and community have joined us in pioneering the shift towards a cookieless digital world, and understand that true value can be generated with Kahoona’s approach.

What is “Kahoona”?

“Kahuna” is a Hawaiian word that refers to an expert in any field - a leader of a Hawaiian tribe or a person of importance or high social standing in your life. Historically, it has been used to refer to doctors, priests, ministers, and sorcerers.

And what about the ‘oo’? It is for good luck!
There's a superstition in our tribe that companies with double 'O' have extra luck,
and who can say no to that? 😉

And yes… We can't deny that it also reflects our love for surfing and to the sea.

What Makes This Workplace a Tribe

In a nutshell, it’s chaotic, challenging and super fun! Our tribe is extremely open and transparent and we encourage everyone to take part in building our company and shaping our culture.