About Us

A New Era of Privacy

Kahoona was established to create an accurate, scalable, and privacy-oriented personalization platform dedicated to sustain an ecosystem undergoing a transitional crisis.

We are certain that both, from commercial and ethical perspectives, our solution will set the foundation for a sustainable ecosystem centered around actively preserving user privacy while maximizing revenue generation.

Our partners, investors and community have joined us in pioneering the shift towards a cookie-less digital world, and understand that true value can be generated with Kahoona’s approach.

'Kahoona', spelled in our own unique way represents the wise person who provides guidance to the tribe. In our case, navigating the digital ecosystem to a more sustainable future. We can't deny that it also reflects our founders' passion for surfing and kayaking.


We don’t just say we value user privacy, it is embedded in our core methodology. Kahoona was founded by an experienced team who bring a wealth of tech experience in big data, machine learning, e-commerce, and online publishing.

Each in their respective industry, we realized that the solution to the most prominent industry challenge lies within the democratization of previously untouched user data.

Gal Rapoport
Crystal Field
Website and Graphic Designer
Elad Galili
Software Engineer
Nadav Kallenberg
Data Science & Data Engineering
Noy Nissim
Data Scientist
May Bareket
Business Intelligence Engineer
Alon Greenberg
Software Engineer
Ravid Bareket
Business Development
Anton Gellashvili
Backend Engineer
Maty Wolf Levy
Head of HR, Operation and Staff
Ohad Tzur
Alon Ashkenasi
Ohad Edelstein

What Makes This Workplace a Tribe

In a nutshell, it’s chaotic, challenging and super fun! Our tribe is extremely open and transparent and we encourage everyone to take part in building our company and shaping our culture.